San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


11Player Name ? (Catch The Ball)11654.5127211097.73
6Player Name ? (Catch The Ball)4375800200
1Player Name ? (Catch The Ball)1000000064.58
33Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)1000000064.58
10Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)191368.41614101133.64
98Player Name ? (Delta Squad)1110011000110.42
86Player Name ? (Delta Squad)6466.737000083.61
52Player Name ? (Delta Squad)1000000057.92
19Player Name ? (Delta Squad)33100171000129.86
11Jones, Kris (Delta Squad)88100382002126.04
4Cup, Alec (Delta Squad)21116477.71783321797123.69
3Hudson, Billy (Delta Squad)211571.4193303079.6
2Taylor, Travis (Delta Squad)301963.3230203067.08
1Player Name ? (Delta Squad)44100651102158.33
7Player Name ? (Free Agents)362158.3209103549.14
4Davis, Mark (Free Agents)211047.610900480
2Player Name ? (Free Agents)7949626851116197.82
1Martinez, Jose (Free Agents)201050163302175.63
32Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)1000000043.75
24Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)22100301000158.33
23Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)544277.84899433120.83
13Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)1000000066.67
12Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)1000000066.67
9Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)2515602774200137.83
1Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)17311164.21517199314121.34
33Player Name ? (Balls Deep)311961.32356213110.65
13Player Name ? (Balls Deep)493469.4286208429.48
8Player Name ? (Balls Deep)2000000259.58
7Player Name ? (Balls Deep)1297588001160.42
4Player Name ? (Balls Deep)6233.312000337.92
3Player Name ? (Balls Deep)2150000120
2Player Name ? (Balls Deep)925458.7495639254.65
1Player Name ? (Balls Deep)291758.6218213162.46
84Player Name ? (All Talk )22100251000158.33
24Player Name ? (All Talk )77100964100158.33
22Player Name ? (All Talk )2210012000091.67
21Player Name ? (All Talk )111004000083.33
14Player Name ? (All Talk )111005000087.5
9Player Name ? (All Talk )215010010064.58
8Player Name ? (All Talk )44100542000158.33
3Player Name ? (All Talk )27520674.92819513331142.33
2Player Name ? (All Talk )3266.781000108.61
1Player Name ? (All Talk )1110080000100
43Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)11100110002112.5
13Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)3266.712000374.58
7Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)332060.6236412297.05
3Pratel, Chase (No Fly Zone)3266.7121004114.17
1Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)22116474.2221332171310120.55

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
17Player Name ? (Catch The Ball)0000216106
6Player Name ? (Catch The Ball)1656512931012
13Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)0000114106
1Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)00004523018
86Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000231614024
52Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000172044431
11Jones, Kris (Delta Squad)00005262113587
8Hutch, Jeremy (Delta Squad)0000599106
7Scott, Jeremy (Delta Squad)0000182357348
4Cup, Alec (Delta Squad)253741527621018
0Anthony, Jerome (Delta Squad)0000141882113
19Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000171591312
2Taylor, Travis (Delta Squad)112120141603120
21Player Name ? (Delta Squad)00006772012
99Player Name ? (Delta Squad)000011106
56Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000136106
1Player Name ? (Delta Squad)11212071002012
13Fajardo, Carlos (Free Agents)0000141473018
10Latch, Michael (Free Agents)0000896106
4Davis, Mark (Free Agents)000071192012
1Martinez, Jose (Free Agents)11010016159106
6Stewart, Calvin (Free Agents)112120183925131
8Player Name ? (Free Agents)000082023018
87Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000232973222
32Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)270351293644131
14Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000325469359
8Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000061172215
0Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)00006932113
24Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000182486342
4Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000233585030
6Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000253106
3Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000320106
99Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000101292012
85Player Name ? (Balls Deep)000017116106
11Player Name ? (Balls Deep)00003262012
7Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000222503220
6Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000484106
13Player Name ? (Balls Deep)33612071094125
3Player Name ? (Balls Deep)232016183106
18Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000152172215
84Player Name ? (All Talk )0000396011511110
24Player Name ? (All Talk )00005879615498
22Player Name ? (All Talk )1330264599463
12Player Name ? (All Talk )0000131423018
8Player Name ? (All Talk )0000514569767
14Player Name ? (All Talk )0000111562318
5Player Name ? (All Talk )00005108118
9Player Name ? (All Talk )0000575118
2Player Name ? (All Talk )0000101904126
54Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)0000161952012
43Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)0000588106
13Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)0000335659768
8Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)00007372012
3Pratel, Chase (No Fly Zone)3441515990712894
97Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)0000222678150
11Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)0000162263018


0Anthony, Jerome (Delta Squad)510006
84Reyes, Daniel (Delta Squad)000700
19Player Name ? (Delta Squad)110706
4Cup, Alec (Delta Squad)3200012
86Player Name ? (Delta Squad)100200
11Jones, Kris (Delta Squad)210006
5Player Name ? (Delta Squad)200000
6Stewart, Calvin (Free Agents)200000
24Armenta, Carlos (Free Agents)200000
32Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)402002
24Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)1010206
7Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000400
4Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)300000
21Player Name ? (All Talk )000800
14Player Name ? (All Talk )210006
12Player Name ? (All Talk )000200
8Player Name ? (All Talk )100500
9Player Name ? (All Talk )500000
4Player Name ? (All Talk )100700
84Player Name ? (All Talk )5300018
24Player Name ? (All Talk )300000
22Player Name ? (All Talk )400000
8Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)200000
54Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)000500
1Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)400000
11Player Name ? (No Fly Zone)300000
3Pratel, Chase (No Fly Zone)210006

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